Let Me Know BTS

You may have heard of unemployed actors putting on a writers-hat and scripting themselves into screenplays. But how many have heard of aspiring music video directors writing music to produce a music video? In the age of Social Media probably heaps actually.


Song writer and Director James “Red” McLeod balancing the camera gimbal after a battery change.


Let_Me_Know_1K8A1793_G2_WEB Shot with Nikon D810 driven by a remote CamRanger broadcaster and controller mounted on a DJI Ronin M Gimbal.

While New Zealand music videos don’t really pay the bills, in the visual world they are about as much fun as creatively possible. Before the Let Me Know video, Whero Films only had one music video on their reel – Gone by Riky Rick (whom has just released a fresh new video this week called I Can’t Believe It)


A young Riky Rick during Whero Films first year of business in 2010

When developing the originally version of Let Me Know I sent an early version of the song to long time basketball team mate John aka Seymore. Seymore was not a fan of the original vocals and said he could do much better”. Being the popular late-night DJ around Auckland city I didn’t doubt it.


While the featured microphone made for a good visual prop it is actually designed and used as the guitar amplifier mic in the recorded song.

Three weeks later Seymore turned up to the Whero studio with nothing more then a smile on his face (and two random ciders). A few hours later we knew we had a song somewhere in the recordings and agreed that we should film some fun visuals.

One week later a nimble crew consisting of 6 of us all meet up at Shadowland Studios with a fixed budget of two dozen beers. Like the free styling of Seymore on the Mic, the plan consisted of little more then a few opening sketches. Along with a “half-finished” theme and a plan to simply document the process of making content.


The exercise was a fun way to get some of the Whero Films toys out of the cupboard and have a play. Ideally I would have liked to have been in the frame more with Seymore to showcase a more realistic chemistry between us as we go through the process. But somebody had to push the camera around and check the focus. watch the fruits of the labour below:


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