SLOBSTER (2015) from Red McLeod on Vimeo.

Harper Harrison is a hard-nosed cop who’ll stop at nothing to get the job done. When he’s cut down in the line of duty, doctors do everything they can to save him, but when is a man not a man? Perhaps when he’s a crustacean?


Written by Tom Hazledine
Directed by Arnya Karaitiana, James McLeod
Produced by Brooke Freeman, Anna Kennedy
DOP by Kent Boulcher (aka Ray)
Camera Assist by Gavin Bath, Royce Dawson
Music by Thomas Klever, Joseph Lavery
Acting by (in order of appearance) Royce Dawson, James McLeod, Anna Kennedy, Katie Millington, Alex Meenhorst, Gavin Bath, Kent Boulcher.
Made as part of the 48h film festival.
GENRE: Science Gone Mad
CHARACTER: Harper Harrison ‘thoughtless’
LINE: “oh really”
PROP: Bread



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